Monday, October 27, 2008

We love aunt Headr (Heather)

... and not just because she gives us lots of candy. My sister came out to visit last month from Florida and we had such a great time. She was a lot of help with the boys and we had so much fun catching up. We can't wait to visit you in January.

We love fall

I think there is a cookie under those decorations.
Picking out the perfect pumpkin
We even took a hay ride

The apple doesn't fall far from the apple


So everyone thinks that the boys look alike. What do you think?

Lets hear it for being out of college

Michael and I are the proud owners of an Acura MDX. No more station wagon with speakers that don't work, bonking kids heads trying to get them into their seats, windows that if you put them down don't go back up, and no crazy rattle that makes people look at us as we drive by. If anyone is looking for a new ride, we'd recommend the MDX. It seats 7 and has every luxury imaginable.

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Anthony's "donkey"

We found this horse costume for Anthony for Halloween. He absolutely loves it and insists he is the donkey from Shrek. Let's hope it survives until Halloween!

Ethan... growing so fast

Ethan is such a sweet baby. He has the most mellow, easy going temperament. He will be two months old next week! He is smiling and wants to be held constantly. (He doesn't let me get much done.) We love our sweet boy.