Wednesday, June 3, 2009

What we've been up to lately

So I've been reprimanded lately for not updating my blog. I figure that I don't have anything too interesting to say and so I don't want to bore you with the details. For all two of you who read this, here are some updates.

Michael has been working so hard. He is enjoying his job and as always has a lot of side projects that keep him really busy. He always makes time for us and we've had a lot of fun biking, swimming, and BBQing. We love him so much.

ME! Most of my spare time lately has been spent planning Girls Camp for my ward. I never knew how much work went into one week. We've got some funs thing planned and so I've mainly just got shopping left (the only part I'm good at). I hope it turns out. I'm also training for a triathlon (okay, that isn't exactly the right word for my occassional excercise urges) . Luckily for you I haven't attached any pictures of me while excercising. I've only got a week and a half left until the big day. Cross your fingers that I don't drowned while swimming in a pool with hundreds of other competative and much more fit people. Yikes. The other love of my life is my new pair of chacos. Please ignore my ugly feet. These sandals rock. They are so comfy and durable. I'd definitely recommend them.

Anthony is my energizer bunny and runs around all day long. He loves wrestling, laughing, talking, painting, coloring, doing puzzles, eating cucumbers (random, I know) and watching movies. We love him to death. Some of his latest sayings...
While jumping into the swimming pool he yelled "Cantaloupe!"
"Mom, Ethan's boobies are getting big like daddy's." (I'm not sure if that is a bigger cut to Michael or me)
"I want a donut with sprinklers on it."

Ethan is at such a fun age. If I got a dollar for each time this kid smiles I'd be rollin'. He is crawlilng around and loving trying new table foods. He is a complete joy.