Monday, February 23, 2009

Not so fun dip

So I took Anthony to the store and let him pick out a treat. Anthony has a gift to pick out the one treat that I really don't want him to have. It is probably because they put the brightly packaged treats loaded with sugar right at the height of 2 year olds. I usually make him choose again but this time I defied the mother instinct that was screaming "don't even think about it" and let him keep his fun dip treat. As if that wasn't bad enough I showed him how to eat his treat and I went into the back room to fold laundry (once again defying the mother instinct). You can imagine what I found when I came back in. He had quickly eaten the stick and used his fingers as the dippers. Yum. His green hulk-like hands lasted for about a week. The green powder all over my couch actually wiped up quite well. Thank goodness for leather.

6 months old

Ethan is now 6 months and I am pleased and embarrassed to announce that he is finally sleeping through the night. I should have let him cry it out months ago but I finally decided that a few sleepless nights for us and the neighbors would be worth it. It definitely is.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Party in the city where the heat is on

Michael's Christmas gift to me was a trip to Florida to see my sister. My mom flew out and spent the week with as well and we lived it up shopping, playing, relaxing, and more playing. If any of you are needing a break from the long winter I'd recommend Florida. It is so beautiful with great parks, beaches, shopping, restaurants, anything you want. Thanks for the awesome trip Heath and Mom.

Shopping at the biggest outlet mall in the country and of course spending way too much $$$.
We took the boys to the Seaquarium in Miami. We had a great time although Anthony was dissapointed to find out that Nemo lives in the Pacific and can't survive in Florida waters. He tried to find him all day. He did see "Crush" "Zazu" and "Lenny" from various movies and so that just about made up for it.
My kid is afraid of Seagulls. You could tell from the way he screamed when they came near that we don't get out much.
Aunt Heather giving Anthony a view of the nurse sharks.
Love that face.
And that.
Can I tell you how good it felt to go outside without having to layer my kids.
Go Gaters!
Posing with Grandma Cami with the beautiful Miami backdrop.
Me and my sister Heather.

This lady rode the dolphins like they were seadoos. So cool.

My kid is seriously fat.

We went to an outdoor market and bought fresh pesto, bread, produce, and of course girl scout cookies.

More beach time.
Anthony was probably the only kid on the entire beach in the water. He couldn't get enough.
Ethan exploring the sand.
And eating it of course.
Making friends.
What a life. Beach, sun, and mom feeding me.

The Miss America pageant just happened to be on while I was there. Growing up we'd have a girl party every year while watching it and so keeping with tradition we ate ice cream and wore tiaras.
Don't tell Michael that his son insisted on wearing one too.
The parks here seriously rock. I've never seen a park with a carousel in the middle of it. Wow.

Ethan getting some good Grandma time in.
Some of the crazy big houses along the beach.

Christmas in California

Poor kid had a million pictures taken of him in his Santa suit but he just looked so cute.
Michael singing Christmas songs to the family.
Uncle Ryan doing his thing.
My brother Rick and his wife Melissa flew out to spend the holiday in California as well. We loved being with them.
There's quite a view on top of a 6'5 uncle.
Ethan spending time with Grandpa Eric.
My cute husband.
And of course opening presents with dad was all too fun for Anthony and after it was over he wanted to "do it again."

My adorable little Eskimo baby.
Michael gave Anthony a pouch of change yesterday and when I asked him what he was going to spend it on he told me that he was going to put it in the fountain. This is probably why.
Park time.