Friday, May 20, 2011

A few of my recent favorite things

I don't know why I've been in a blogging mood the last few days, but I'm sure it will pass, so I'll get it out there while I'm feeling it. I want to use my blog to share things I'm learning and that are useful and/or interesting to me. I'm a late adopter and tend to discover things on their way out, so if you already know about them, sorry to bore you.

  1. If you need some new things to cook you should follow this blog. She has great photography and yummy recipes and updates quite often. I've never made anything of hers that I didn't like.
  2. ADELE- if you need some new music to listen to, her new album 21 is great. She has this strong, deep, jazzy type voice that I absolutely love. Try her out.
  3. Dyson vacuums. I know that these have been around for awhile and that they cost at least double every other vacuum out there, but I've gotta say that my new vacuum is the best purchase i've made in years. Is it weird to admit that I get excited to vacuum my house these days? Seriously, if you need a new vacuum just splurge and get it. You'll suck up so much junk that you'll wonder how you survived before you bought it. Right now Costco has a $50 instant rebate and so the vacuum ends up costing $319 which isn't too bad for a $500 vacuum.
That's it for now. Happy weekend!


Summer said...

How funny! We just got a visit from the Kirby house-to-house vaccuum salesman. While he was doing his thing my husband discreetly pointed out to me the same vaccuum selling new online for 1/4 the cost they were peddling. But MAN that thing was amazing.
I bet the Dyson is just as cool- I kind of wish our vaccuum would konk out... ;)

BrittanyB said...

Thad and I have been talking about a dyson. Our current vacuum sounds like it is going to blast off any second, and it get's louder every time I use it ;)
oh, and I love all the posts, keep em comin!

Heather and Zac said...

Wow Cari! You're like the super-blogger now! I loved catching up on all your news. So exciting about having a girl! Yes...they are way fun to shop for.
And seriously, could you just have blogged about a vacuum last week...before my vacuum broke and I ordered a DIFFERENT on from costco?! ;) But now I know what to get if this one breaks (good thing Costco has a good return policy!) Keep up the blogging! I love to see what you guys are up to!

Than, Erica, Pacen, Camry & Claira said...

The first time I looked at your blog you still lived in Utah. :) I was shocked when I was wasting time here at 11:40pm to see you updated. Your trip looked fun. Isn't it crazy that you just flew to paris for a week??? And that is a cute picture of camry and anthony. I'll have to steal it off your blog for mine.